Technical Sector

Our team is preparing an innovative project in a part of the processing of certain raw materials for the construction industry.

Based on the specific requirements of “Knauf”, we have designed the “Eco starch K” product, which in November 2020 passed all demanding laboratory and production tests at “Knauf”.

For the product “Ecostarch K” Ecoglobal BTD received the award for ecological innovation in 2020 from the World Bank and the Fund for Innovation Activities of the Republic of Serbia in the competition of more than 600 projects.

To the mutual satisfaction, a multi-year contract on massive production of “Eco starch K” was signed and from January 2021, massive production and delivery of “Eco starch K” began in more than 15 “Knauf’s” factories on several continents.

Based on the requirements of “Knauf” and high standards that “Ecoglobal BTD” has successfully adopted in the process of production and quality control, “Eco starch K” was rated the with highest quality marks, and “Knauf” ranked “Ecoglobal BTD” as one of the best suppliers in the first half of 2021.

“Ecoglobal BTD” proudly points out that a contract has been signed with the Hungarian company “Viresol”.

Viresol is one of the most modern and innovative wheat starch factories in Central Europe.

“Ecoglobal BTD” is engaged in the import and distribution of Viresol wheat starch better known under the brand VIRESTAR.

Compared to starch products produced from other raw materials, VIRESTAR wheat starch is the optimal choice in many industries due to its whiter appearance and balanced quality.

VIRESTAR can be used in many fields of the food industry. The most important advantages of Viresol starch: particle size, gelatinization, swelling and viscosity of starch.



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