Food Sector

Distribution of raw materials for food and beverage production. We are specially prepared to supply factories that produce juices, jams and marmalades, candies, chocolates and other confectionery products.

“Ecoglobal BTD” is involved in the import and distribution of starch syrups manufactured by “Agrana”.

“Agrana” is an internationally oriented Austrian company that provides top quality products, optimal services as well as innovative ideas and expertise in terms of product development.

Our strict, certified production standards guarantee the safety of our products to our customers. We are focused on continuously improving the quality and hygiene standards of food products. As a commitment to our customers, we strive for full traceability of our products to their natural sources.

We offer products and services that fully meet the needs and expectations of our customers. Our goal is to differentiate ourselves from the competition thanks to the high quality products, the outstanding level of service, innovative ideas, as well as the environmental and social responsibility that is reflected in our operations.

We offer:

  1. High fructose syrup F42 – AGENABON 20.170,
  2. High fructose syrup F55 – AGENABON 20.171,
  3. High fructose syrup F9 – Agenabon 20.141,
  4. High fructose syrup F62 – Agenabon 20.116
  5. Glucose syrup (G38) – AGENABON 20.162,
  6. Dextrose,
  7. Maltose and other syrups …


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